Fill out my contact form and I'll send over more details on pricing & package options. Let's hop on a call to chat details & I'll help you decide which package is perfect for your day. 


Leading up to our time together, I'm here as a resource to guide you every step of the way. You can always reach out for planning tips or a second opinion! I can't wait to create magic together.


The best part! On the day of the shoot or wedding, you can expect me to guide you through directions & prompts so that the moments I capture are genuine, but you're never standing there wondering what to do with your hands. It's a collaborative process to capture you as you truly are.








HOW would you explain your style?

Blending editorial style & honest moments, I focus on each individual story. Each story is unique in their own way and my top priory is to document everyones true story. Mixing a timeless feel but a bit more modernized, My end goal is to only enhance, not take away from natural elements.

WHAT IS YOUR TURN around time?

For sessions it is 2-3 weeks and weddings it is about 8-12 weeks. All of this is dependent on how busy I am at the time. You will receive updates from me directly during that timeframe. 

Do you help plan?

Absolutely! I think this is one of my biggest strength is being able to help my clients plan everything from styling, location, picking vendors when applicable, etc. Being able to be on hand to help as a professional in the industry, I believe in making this process as stress free as possible.

how long have you been in business?

This will be my 6th year as a professional photographer!

DO YOU travel?

I sure do! Being able to travel to places that mean something to my clients is truly something special. Being a story teller, I think this is so important to be accommodating in this way to be able to tell an honest story. I am also inspired by new places as well as places I have already been. Wherever you want your truth captured, I am there!

We are not comfortable in froNT of the camera. Will you direct us?

Absolutely. 99% of us are not models by any means. Even when I am being photographed I need direction. It’s important to find the right photographer for you but it is important to find someone who has experience in being able to take control of the session and direct. That is how I explain it at every session is I direct, I don’t pose. Don’t worry, I gotcha!

“All of the images Blake took for our engagements, bridals, and wedding day were filled with warmth, magic, and love. Blake takes care of his clients, even on his hardest days. That’s the kind of photographer and person he is. Only a week before our wedding Blake lost his grandfather, and despite his best efforts his funeral was scheduled the same day as our wedding. Blake ensured I felt calm and assured me he would be there for our day. He showed up for us on a heartbreaking, difficult day and delivered the most stunning wedding photos I have ever seen. I will forever be thankful to him for our photos, and am looking forward to all the future photos he will surely take for us. Hiring Blake will be the best choice you make!”

Caroline Anderson

"Blake's photos not only capture the happenings of your wedding day, but the feeling of it. They tell the story of the love between partners, family, and friends.

"Blake has been our photographer since we opened Frankie Jane Couture and he ceases to amaze me after every single shoot. Not only are his photos phenomenal but he makes everyone feel so comfortable at the shoot and like they are the star. He’s the best hype man and gets the right angel to help make you look the most flattering and feeling confident. He captures the moments in between the shots, those authentic smiles... the ones you don’t want to forget. Blake is a gem of a human, and as soon as you meet you’ll want to be his best friend."


"Hiring Blake is the best decision you can make! He’ll be there for you every step of the way"

“I stumbled upon Blakes work on IG and instantly fell in love. I emailed him basically fangirling and we became fast friends after our first “get to know you” facetime. Blake is not only an incredible artist but also a certified professional hype man! My fiance and I aren’t normally in front of a camera like that and were so comfortable in his presence. His vision and direction created the most beautiful "I-can’t- wait-to-show-my-kids-one-day” photographs from our engagement shoot. We are thrilled he will be the eye to document our wedding day as well!”

Dinah Schulberg

"Blake is not only an incredible artist but also a certified professional hype man!


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